Hot Tapping Services in UAE

Hot Tapping Services in UAE

Hot tapping Services in Dubai , UAE, Sharjah , Ajman is a special technique which can be used to make a connection on existing live pipeline. By adopting hot tapping technique pipe/tank/vessel can continue to be in operation while required modifications are performed.

We perform best hot tapping services in dubai from a size of ½” to 48”.

What are the advantages of HOT Tapping Services in UAE?

By adopting hot tapping services in dubai technique you can avoid Shutdown.

Hot tapping services in UAE will help you to avoid any downtime during production.

There will be no disturbance to products temperature, flow and pressure in the pipeline.

You can avoid drain of the product in the pipeline.

How is Hot tapping services in Sharjah performed?

attaching a welded/Mechanical branch fitting to piping or equipment in service, and then creating an opening in that piping or equipment by drilling or cutting a portion of the piping or equipment within the attached fitting.

Hot tapping services is usually performed when it is not feasible, or is impractical, to take the equipment or piping out of service, or to purge or clean it by conventional methods.

Where can it be used?
1. Petrochemical Industry
2. Hydrocarbons – crude or heavy oils.
3. Light oils, including diesel, kerosene, petroleum etc.
4. Various chemicals and gases
5. Power Generation Industry
6. Water and steam
7. Pharmaceutical & Food Industry
8. Compressed air
9. Utilities
10. Gas
11. Potable water
12. Sewerage

  • TCAL is capable of performing Hot tapping services in UAE on a wide variety of materials including
    Ductile and Cast Iron
    Carbon Steel
    Stainless Steels and Alloys
    Asbestos Cement
    Reinforced Concrete

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